Entries from Flag of Andorra.png Andorra at the Chancevision Song Contest.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Ed. Artist Song Final Points Semi Points Twitter user
Flag of Bulgaria.png #01 Did not participate
Flag of Italy.png #02 Salva Racero "Immortals" NQ 14 110 @Diegr96
Flag of San Marino.png #03 Roger Argemí "La fina línia" NQ 17 13 @David_Urdinguio
Flag of Norway.png #04 Did not participate
Flag of Netherlands.png #05 Buhos "Connectats" NQ 18 47 @Alex2_alterego
Flag of Macedonia.png #06 Miss Cafeina ft. Rozalén "Reina" 24 103 8 81 @alfilSsinger
Flag of Luxembourg.png #07 IZARO "Libre"
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