Entries from Flag of Morocco.png Morocco at the Chancevision Song Contest.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Ed. Artist Song Final Points Semi Points Twitter user
#01 Did not participate
#04 Manal "NTA" NQ 15 86 @AliciaRey98
#05 Did not participate
#06 Faouzia "How It All Works Out" 4 299 3 117 Janzon13

National Finals[edit | edit source]

Chancevision Song Contest 4[edit | edit source]

The Head of Delegation of Flag of Morocco.png Morocco decided to hold a National Final in which five different artists fought to represent the country at Chancevision Song Contest 4. The voting system chosen for the NF was TOP 3 points (the favourite receives 3 points, the second favourite 2 points and the least favourite 1 point, thus leaving one country blanked). Listen to a short recap of the four competing entries here.

# Artist(s) Song Points Rank
01 Manal "NTA" 50 1
02 DYSTINCT "Ya La Laa" 26 3
03 Hatim Ammor "Albak Yemchi Lhalo" 20 4
04 Salma Rachid ft. Mok Saib "MA GAZELLE" 30 2

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