Muro de ganadores[edit | edit source]

# Sede Usuario de Twitter País Candidatura
1 Flag of Bulgaria.png Sofia Flag of Portugal.png @inesgoodvibes Flag of Italy.png Italy Mr. Rain
"Fiori di Chernobyl"
168 puntos
2 Flag of Italy.png Milan Flag of Spain.png @alfilSsinger Flag of San Marino.png San Marino Federica Abbate
290 puntos
3 Flag of San Marino.png City of San Marino Flag of Spain.png @LemmyFdz Flag of Norway.png Norway Ruben
"Burn Down This Room"
429 puntos
4 Flag of Norway.png Tromsø Flag of Argentina.png Flag of Spain.png @maslany_ Flag of Netherlands.png Netherlands DELAIN
"Masters Of Destiny"
391 puntos
5 Flag of Netherlands.png Utrecht Flag of Spain.png @Roros219 Flag of Macedonia.png North Macedonia LARA
"Za Nas"
414 puntos
6 Flag of Macedonia.png Skopje Flag of Spain.png @hexbergendahl Flag of Luxembourg.png Luxembourg Casanova
"On voit loin"
452 puntos
7 Flag of Luxembourg.png Luxemburgo Flag of France.png @mathwtea Flag of Netherlands.png Netherlands Avalan
"Wolrd We Know"
345 puntos
8 Flag of Netherlands.png Róterdam Flag of Spain.png @cocretono Flag of Australia1.png Australia Mia Wray
"Never Gonna Be The Same"
228 puntos
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